Services & Booking


House Call - $100  

-Delivering provided treats or gifts

-Chastising Elf on Shelf (if applicable)

-Santa and North Pole Q&A

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-Photos with Family

-30 Minutes (additional 30 minute extension for $65)


Party Package - $125  

-Santa making an entrance

-Taking Toy Orders -Photos with guests

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-60 Minutes (additional 60 minute extension for $75)


School Visit - $75  

-Santa making an entrance

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-Santa and North Pole Q&A

-Photos with guests

-30 minutes (additional 30 minute extensions for $35)


Public Event or Ceremony - $275

-Santa making an entrance

-Taking Toy Orders

-Photos with guests

-Sleigh brought along free of charge (optional)

-Minimum of 2 hours (additional 60 minute extensions for $75)


Live Video Call  - $55

-Live chat with Santa from the North Pole

-Chastising Elf on Shelf (if available)

-Toy Orders

-Santa and North Pole Q&A

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-Not to exceed 15 minutes

Additional Considerations

Travel Fee

How far away are you from The Woodlands?

10 miles or less FREE

11-25 miles add $75

26 miles or more add $250

December 23, 24, & 25 Retainer

Mr & Mrs Claus' anniversary is December 23rd. Activities booked for December 23rd-December 25th (Christmas Day) have an additional non-refundable fee to deter a busy schedule.

December 23rd: $250 (additional non-refundable fee)

Christmas Eve: $350 (additional non-refundable fee)

Christmas Day: $600 (additional non-refundable fee)

Please be aware of this BEFORE submitting a booking request.

In-Person Event Booking Form

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You will receive an email and invoice from Santa shortly!


Mon-Friday 6pm-11pm
Sat: 9am-11pm (Please inquire for availability)

CLOSED Sundays. 

If you do have an event outside normal weekday hours, please inquire for availability as possible arrangements can be made.