Making the Most of a Visit

Ideally, the children have been prepped with some sort of magical atmosphere. The parents have put on Christmas music for the last hour or so and have baked some cookies to decorate! Perhaps a Christmas movie has been put on and the children are in awe and can feel the magic of Christmas.

Then, all of a sudden, there's an unexpected knock at the door. It's Santa Claus! He comes in with (whatever the parents have hid out by the garage in a garbage sack) for the children. Pictures are taken as children are called up one by one to tell Santa what they'd like for Christmas. Perhaps Santa has brought Twas the Night Before Christmas with him and reads it aloud! The children ask questions, "Where are your reindeer?" "How do you get around the world in one night?" and many more. After a few laughs, perhaps a few Christmas songs are sung (Rudolph is a fun one!) and if the parents wish, Santa can close with leading everyone in Silent Night to remember the reason for the Season. With that, the old elf departs and reminds everyone that he'll be back on Christmas Eve.

A visit from Santa Claus will be as magical as YOU prepare for it to be.

Services and Performances

House Call - $75  

-Delivering provided treats or gifts

-Chastising Elf on Shelf (if applicable)

-Santa and North Pole Q&A

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-Photos with Family

-30 Minutes (additional 30 minute extension for $35)

Party Package - $125  

-Santa making an entrance

-Taking Toy Orders -Photos with guests

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-60 Minutes (additional 60 minute extension for $75)

School Visit - $65  

-Santa making an entrance

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-Santa and North Pole Q&A

-Photos with guests

-30 minutes (additional 30 minute extensions for $35)

Public Event or Ceremony - $200

-Santa making an entrance

-Taking Toy Orders

-Photos with guests

-Sleigh brought along free of charge (optional)

-Minimum of 2 hours (additional 60 minute extensions for $50)

Live Video Call with Santa - $35

-Live chat with Santa from the North Pole

-Chastising Elf on Shelf (if available)

-Toy Orders

-Santa and North Pole Q&A

-Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

-Not to exceed 25 minutes

-Copy of visit available for an additional $10

Additional Considerations

Travel Fee

25 miles or less FREE

25-50 miles add $50

50 miles or more add $300

How far away are you from The Woodlands?

December 23, 24, & 25 Reservation Fee

Mr & Mrs Claus' anniversary is December 23rd. Activities booked for December 23rd-December 25th (Christmas Day) have an additional fee to deter a busy schedule. December 23rd has a non-refundable $250 added to the event cost. Christmas Eve has a non-refundable $350 added to the final event cost. Christmas Day has a non-refundable $600 added to the final event cost. Please be aware of this BEFORE submitting a booking request.

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Days till Christmas!